Club Overview


There are many varieties of Taylormade golf clubs. not all of them will be appropriate for someone looking to start golfing. There are some taylormade golf clubs that are very versatile while there are others that are made for one specific purpose only. For a beginner, a more versatile taylormade golf club is more suitable due to the various situations that one may find themselves in. For this reason, it is important that a beginner learns how to identify various types of golf clubs and their use in order to be able to make a wise purchasing decision. This is crucial whether the beginner player is buying new golf clubs or used ones. The different variations in clubs can be thought of similar to that of classifying vaporizers: you have vape pens, then you have the larger portable vaporizers, and finally full on desktop vaporizers. Each unit accomplishes the same task (vaporizing the material). Click here for reference.

Before commencing on the art of playing golf, players need to familiarize themselves with the various types of golf clubs, their uses and appearance if they have any chance of becoming successful golfers. Here are some of the things to know.


In order to play the game, players are required to have a minimum of three woods. These type of clubs are useful in driving the golf ball off the tee and towards the pin. Woods have round heads, long shafts and are numbered from 3 to 7. A beginning player can only use a 5-wood and a 3-wood.

5 wood

This type of club is mainly used to hit second shots of the fairway causing the ball to land softer. it is important for a beginner as it will ensure that he/she has fewer bad rolls. It has a v-shape that is useful in reducing the turf resistance.

3 wood

This club is great for hitting the ball to a distance of between 240 to 250 yards. It has a triangular shaped head that gives it a deeper center of gravity. This enables players to have less spin rates in the process enabling them to hit the golf ball over very long distances. The club also comes with thin clubhead walls that are great for faster swings.


Any golfer will need various irons if they are planning on playing the game. There are several sets of irons that come in a bunch of about 7 to 11 irons. This should not worry a beginner since they only need about 3 irons to be successful. The irons usually have a number that indicates the loft angle. The higher the number on the iron, the greater the loft angle.

Mid irons

These clubs are useful when you need to hit the ball at a distance of approximately 130 to 210 yards especially on hillier fairways. They are numbered from 5 to 7.

Long irons

Are useful for trouble shots or for hitting shots from the fairway to rough surfaces. They are numbered from 2 to 4 and are good in hitting balls to a range of 180 to 260 yards.

Short clubs

These clubs that are mostly numbered 8 and 9 are useful for hitting balls to a range of 130 to 150 yards or hitting shots that are near obstacles.

Other taylormade golf clubs include wedges that are used for hitting balls to ranges under the 130 yard range and a putter for hitting the ball once the golf player reaches the green. More experienced players may tend to use the putter when they realize that the ball is nearer to the green.

By taking these factors into consideration, a beginning golfer can be able to have a successful golfing experience by getting the best out of his acquired taylormade golf clubs.